Mission Statment


Worship: We Worship and praise God's loving kindness

Evangelize: We Evangelize the gospel of The Lord.

Fellowship: We Fellowship with one another in the family of God

Commitment: We Commit to Jesus with the gifts he has given us

Care: We Care for one another in the love of God

Discipleship: We equip and make disciples of God's people

We ask our Heavenly Father to gather his people in fellowship, equip them with his words. We commit ourselves to Jesus Christ by serving one another in our own family, at work and even through evangelical trips overseas. We worship our Lord every step of the way .

Contact Info


 Formosan Christian Church of Dallas

 6700 Independence  Parkway  Plano  TX 75023

TEL : 972-618-3777

E- mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.